15th of December 2016

In the framework of the USAID-funded Lebanon Livelihoods and Inclusive Finance Expansion (LIFE) project, LDN’s President Amin Nehme, Senior Researcher Dr. Guita Hourani and Project Assistant Jasmin Diab met with Atethemis team – the Palladium Group supporting entity – formed of the Lead International Gender Specialist Clara Gomez Hernandez and Local Gender Analyst Nour Kuzbari to discuss the project’s specific gender action plan through the gender analysis conducted.

The discussion reflected the opinions and experiences related to the opportunities and challenges for women, men, youth, and others in accessing and using financial products, micro-credits, and livelihood opportunities which will inform an inclusive and equitable project that achieves its objectives related to gender equality.

The analysis aimed at ensuring the upcoming project’s activities are inclusive and gender equitable as a high priority for the Palladium Group, and as a key requirement of USAID.

L.I.F.E is a five-year project which aims at enhancing the development of the microfinance sector in Lebanon.

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