Two training events were held during the year 2015: the first one on the framework programme H2020, held in Cairo, Egypt on 28-30 October 2015, and the second one on Innovation, held in Naples, Italy, on 25-27 November 2015. The organisation of MERID training events has been facilitated by the creation of a synergy with the project MedSpring (Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway, FP7-INCO-2012-1).

The first training addressed MPC researchers, research managers, administrators and NCPs. The training aimed to improve the quality of the Mediterranean Partner Countries’ participation in the H2020 Programme, increase skills and level of understanding of the administrative and technical issues related to the management of H2020 projects, encourage the enhancement of research resulting from international cooperation projects.

The second training targeted representatives of governmental organizations, research institutions and business clusters. The training aimed to strengthen participants’ capacities in R&I cooperation through the improvement of knowledge and skills required to promote innovation at institutional level, implement research and innovation strategies at local and national level, network for building R&I international partnerships and identifying funding opportunities.