Europe for Business Ltd is happy to share insights on the 1st coaching session targeted to the Middle East researchers and experts under the MERID project that was conducted between 1st and 2nd of June, 2016.

Researchers and representatives from the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt) seven in total, from various governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as private companies had face-to-face online coaching session. Additionally, 5 researchers were coached during 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage & Venturing event on research and innovation between 26th and 27th May, 2016 in Bari, Italy and 3 organisations from Iran and Egypt were coached separately. Each participant had send his/her profile before the session took place that allowed to better understand the current state-of-art and expectations provided by the participant for the session.
Participants were interested about the opportunities which the European Union is open for in terms of international cooperation at this moment. Europe for Business Ltd is happy to support participants who come from different background starting from health issues that covers cancer and rare disease treatments to creative industries in the research and innovation field of interest that involves various disciplines such as water, climate change and energy. Introduction was provided of the following programmes: Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, Research and Innovation Staff Exchange, EuropeAid and Bilaterial programmes for several S&T agreements of international cooperation and development.
Furthermore, Europe for Business Ltd came out with the result that each participant had different knowledge about the European Union that allowed to provide specific and coherent information targeted to each participant’s needs.
Moreover, Europe for Business Ltd received very positive feedback from each participant, which encourages us for upcoming knowledge transfer coaching sessions. Coaching sessions will be provided by the end of the project.
Europe for Business Ltd will inform you about the second coaching session as soon as possible. Let’s start to build a bridge for future collaboration!


2 June 2016