26-27 May 2016 | CIHEAM – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

the first MERID Brokerage has been organised by CHIEAM in sinergy with MedSpring Project


  • To express interests and offers for cooperation among EU-Med-ME innovation stakeholders
  • To present innovative ideas to potential investors from EU-Med-ME Countries.
  • To develop technology and business partnerships as well as joint participation in European research projects having a strong connotation in innovation


30 Idea carriers (Young entrepreneurs/researchers with a business plan) from Egypt, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia.

Investors (Clusters and “business angels” from MENA countries, tech-driven enterprises,
SMEs, private/public potential investors/networks)

MedSpring and MERID partners, particularly researcher institutions and research policy
makers and research/networks organizations, etc.

Focus is on Water-Energy-Food and NEXUS

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